Interior Styling Service


Prints, Art, Photos, Momentos, Keepsakes, Ornaments or whatever is special to YOU make your home yours and give it the personality that you want to create.  However, pulling it all together and making it work can be the tricky part. STYLING a home is not something everyone finds easy to do - we get that! We can hep you in a number of ways:

Walls & Bookshelves

If for instance, you have a blank wall in your child's room or a set of shelves that you know needs something, but you're not sure WHAT or HOW then get in touch with us via our "contact us" page.  We can put a planogram together for you. We are happy to catch-up in person or plan your space remotely - whatever works best. We will provide a quote once we know exactly what you require.



Rooms & Homes

Our interior styling service also extends past prints and artwork as we can help you with:
- full room makeovers
- new home / renovation projects
- preparing your home for sale
- renovation material selections
- de-cluttering



How Do We Work?

  1. CONTACT US via our "Contact us" page
  2. INITIAL CONSULTATION. We will arrange a time to catch-up, in person, FaceTime, Skype, on phone (whatever works!).  Email correspondence is fine too.  As we are based in Melbourne metro, home visits are restricted to this area.  Our initial chat is used as a briefing session, including some initial recommendations from us.
  3. QUOTE & PLAN. If you are happy to proceed to the next stage, we will firstly prepare a quote.  Once we receive the go ahead and payment, we will prepare a fully detailed plan, with supporting references as required (ie. mood boards, product recommendations, colour palettes etc).
  4. INSTALLATION is the final step which you can take care of or we can help you!

In line with our products, our styling rates are reasonably priced so don't be afraid to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Fee xo