About Us


I'm Fiona (I prefer Fee) and I am the creator of Project..FJ.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our store. Our aim is to put smiles on lots of faces and add a bit of fun, colour and personality into your home.  I love making and creating things - I'm an ex-shoe designer (make shoes), marketer (make magic), visual merchandiser (make things look good), Mum (make humans - twins & smaller singleton).  That's me in a nutshell!

So what exactly does Project...FJ do?


All of our prints are created by me.  I have a love of typography and have been making cards and prints for my home and friends for years.  I love clean lines, simplistic images and characters, and colour.  The majority of designs I create follow these principles.

Prints bring so much personality to a room either in "image" form or a "saying or quote".  It says something about you, your partner, your child, your family, your friends. They can be displayed on walls, shelves, the floor, tables - whatever works! Project..FJ prints have been designed so that you can mix and match many of the designs together.  You can build a gallery on your wall or put together a vignette on your shelf (more commonly known now as a "shelfie"!)



Our colour palette is consistent across all of our prints so that they can mix and match and work well together.  All of our prints are offered in either A4 or A3 or both.  Some prints can be trimmed to fit A5 frames too - this adds further flexibility to what you want to create.  

Many of our prints are personalised like our "Name Prints" (pictured below) and "Birth Announcements".  All you have to do is confirm the details you need, pick a colour, and we will do the rest for you.  





I have a love for abstracts and lots of colour.   My Dad (more commonly known as Poppy) is an artist.  To kick things off on Project...FJ, I asked him to paint a few animals which can be styled alongside many of our prints. 




Onto my 3rd favourite thing - INTERIORS!  Prints, Art, Photos, Momentos, Keepsakes, Ornaments or whatever is special to YOU make your home yours and give it the personality that you want to create.  However, this is not something everyone finds easy to do.  So, for example, if you have a blank wall in your child's room that you know needs something, but you're not sure WHAT or HOW, then you have come to the right place!  We have lots of prints and artworks that you can choose from.  The bonus is that we have done all of the hard work for you as we have a "GALLERY" page full of examples that show you how to group prints and art together.  If you are still stuck (which is totally okay) we can help you style it and put a plan together for you.  Easy.



Our interior styling service also extends past prints and artwork as we can help you with:
- full room makeovers
- new home / renovation projects
- preparing your home for sale
- renovation material selections
- de-cluttering




I also forgot to mention that all of our products and services are kept affordable.  Our prints start at $20 and our small artworks at $60 (free shipping when you spend $60 and over) - you won't break the bank when you want to group a few together.  It also allows you to change them around more regularly when you need a refresh.  Our styling services are also cheaper than most so get in touch if you need a hand - we would love to help you!

Be sure to spread the word and stay tuned for lots of fun in pipeline...don't forget to follow us on Insta @project.fj & join our mailing list at projectfj.com.